Bring Life to Old Jewellery

Have a ring that you’re bored of? Perhaps you have antique rings from a deceased loved one? Did you know that you don’t have to keep their designs the same? I can create custom jewellery designs, and turn your old jewellery into modern master pieces.

At Andrew Lever Goldsmith, I can take your jewellery, and remodel it using exactly the same materials. You can have your same ring, in a different style and shape! No matter what kind of jewellery you want remodelling, I have the expertise, equipment and knowledge to create custom jewellery designs for you.

Simply bring in your old jewellery, and I’ll explore the options with you. Jewellery remodelling is a great way to improve the design of old jewellery, whilst keeping the sentimental value!

Access affordable and reliable jewellery remodelling services in Stockport Tel: 0161 432 3146